Unexpected freedom for one captive Christian after six months, and promises of freedom for another a months hence

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Mr. Ehsan Behrouz

Mr. Ehsan Behrouz

Mr. Azarm was arrested by plainclothes agents of the Islamic Ministry of State Security during the early hours of 17th Oct. 2011.

Being held in an unknown location without visiting privileges for most of his six months of imprisonment; his family were held in the dark about his conditions, and not allowed to visit him for most of his six months of captivity.  The family had severely been warned about any publicity of his arrest and were frightened of contacting local, national, or indeed the international press.

Aged 44, Fariborz is married with two young children, an ordinary, in every sense of the word, Christian; he was arrested and held in illegal custody for such a long time; at the very time that Islamic Republic and its hand-picked president brazenly claim freedom of religion under yoke of  the Islamic Regime.

Reports received from Shia’s highly religious city of Mashhad– 900Km N-E Tehran- show that Islamic Justice officials there have promised the imminent freedom of Mr. Ehsan Behrooz within the next month.

Ehsan, yet another new Christian convert  to have been imprisoned without trial, was arrested on July 8th, 2010 while accompanying a group of Christians to the city of Bojnord.

This young student of Management in the University of Mashhad,  was amongst a group of young Christians who were detained in a sweeping operations carried out by the dreaded local agents of the Ministry of State Security of the Islamic republic.

The arrested group had then been taken to the Ministry of State Security run prison in Mashhad’s Vakilabad Boulevard.

After a week, 8 of the arrested were freed, but Mr. Ehsan Behrooz and a young couple who had also refused to sign the promissory forms were held imprisoned.

Eventually three months later, Ehsan case was referred to Mashhad’s Revolutionary Islamic Court, which ordered an US$80,000 bond.  He released three months after his arrest, pending future trial.

Being kept under surveillance, his physical and psychological health suffered greatly, but despite it all he refused to leave the country.

Sometimes in early November he suddenly disappeared, and his anxious family were only informed of his recall to the Islamic Revolutionary Courts and renewed imprisonment., some weeks later.

Five months after his second arrest, no evidence of his guilt has been produced and any charges against him are yet to be announced. His family have been warned in no uncertain term against any contact with the media, which will result in his continued incarceration, as well as confiscation of the US$80,000 bond.

They have been forced to endure his imprisonment in total silence for fear of the worst that may happen to their loved son, and not to speak of his arrest and detention.

Ehsan’s friends are worried about his conditions in Vakil Abad prison, the feared centre of great many secret executions since the advent of Islamic justice in 1979.

At the same time that Iranian- Christians rejoice at the news of the two mentioned above; we must express our grave concerns about two other innocent Christians in captivity in the Islamic Republic.

Christian converts Mr. Farshid Fat’hi and Mr. Noorullah Ghobayti, were both arrested in the last says of Dec. 2010 in Tehran and Dezful respectively, and have by now endured close to 16 months of captivity.

Christina sources in Tehran confirmed that Farshid Fat`hi has been sentenced to 6 years in prison by a Revolutionary Court in Iran 2 weeks ago. FCNN sources in Tehran could not find the details of Farshid`s verdict yet.


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