Youcef Nadarkhani immediate release, the request of Iranian Christians and the role of Christian world community

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Pastor Youcef the face of the persecuted Christians today

Pastor Youcef the face of the persecuted Christians today

Christians in the whole world should use their condition for challenging the apostasy inhuman rule which can be seen in Islamic sharia and try to support Iranian Christians by broadcasting accurate news about Nadarkhani from valid sources.

According to the report of Farsi Christians Network, which is quoted from close sources to lawyers of Yousef nadarkhani case, in last three months, no new event was reported about his case due to valid and official sources. The case of this ideologic prisoner is under the process of province revision court and this court still hasn’t accepted or rejected the issued execution verdict which is pronounced from primitive court.

While in last three months, another wave of worldwide community efforts for releasing the convicted person to execution has increased, the informative forces of government are trying to make some uncertainty in the specific area by creating false rumors about this case so that they will be able to reach their goals by covering up the suffocation which is trying to rule on Iranian Christian community.

Since first days of April, one suspicious message was published hand by hand on the internet which was informing about the execution of Yousef Nadarkhani’s statement and this is while the picture which was published with this news was shown a person with closed fastened eyes on the crane and nearby to corded and this picture was published on the internet at April 2011(about one year ago), so it can’t belong to Nadarkhani.

The text which explain this picture in English, give news about Yousef nadarkhani execution with objections to American leaders and world church because of their silence in front of this crime! The writer of this text claimed that Nadarkhani is the leader of a big Christian group in north of Iran.

Publication of humors about events which has never happened, not only didn’t help Nadarkhani’s inappropriate situation after two years suffering and captivity in prison at all, but also little by little caused the decrease of worldwide attention and sensitivity to this important subject. Yousef Nadarkhani is in a very sensitive situation right now. The publication of none sense and unfounded news about him can put his life in danger more than his present situation.

Iranian Christian community , since the first days of Yousef Nadarkhani captivity in 2010, always wishing and demanding for the freedom of him and all of the Christian and non Christian prisoners in Iran.

Iranian Christians whether inside or outside of Iran, are also the biggest supporters of him by holding different campaigns against the issued execution statement which is decelerated by one of the courts in Lakan city ( From Gilan Province) .

This activity of Iranian Christian Community is not only for the freedom of a human who hasn’t committed a crime, but also is for confronting with the shamelessly law of “Apostasy” and this is a law that even Muslim jurists are not agreed on its integrity and necessity yet.

The truth is that this ridiculous and non-human rule, is governing on Muslim community for centuries and during the history, even Muslims themselves were victims because of this rule. This law tries to take away the power of freedom of thought and opinion chooses from human, which is a divine gift to human being.


From summer 2010, Nadarkhani went to prison in his city of residence for accusation of apostasy and deviate from Islam religion.

An Islamic court in a small city in north of Iran issued the execution verdict for Yousef Nadarkhani because of Apostasy in the beginning of 2011. This verdict was objected by his lawyer based on law and lawyer appealed for the repeal of the verdict.

This appeal bring Nadarkhani case to revision court of province and from that date until now, this court still hasn’t announce his final statement about accused person.

At the end of last summer (2011), Mr Dadkhah , the lawyer of this ideological accused , announce that he is still waiting for the vote of supreme court of the country about his client statement and by this words he was pointing to the comments which supreme court of country should announced due to the request of accused lawyer about the opinion of province court.

Iran Supreme Court by bringing in some inductions on Nadarkhani execution statement sends back his case to province revision court because of deficiency.

One of the inductions which were mentioned by Supreme Court of Iran was that, it is not exactly clear in this case that Nadarkhani was really Muslim or not when he was changing his religion. Execution statement because of apostasy is only correct about the people who were Muslim and then give up from being a Muslim.

The information that released by Nadarkhani lawyer, displayed in a different way by some media. They discussed that the execution statement of Nadarkhani is definite and he is on the threshold of execution.

This issue brings the intensive worldwide reaction, on the other hand Britain and America Secretary of state was also talking about this subject. After a while the declaration of Nadarkhani lawyer shows that his case is still in the step of province revision court and the vote of revision court is not still definite about him.

A while ago, in some media, first from close relatives of Nadarkhani and then from “An American center for justice and law” (ACLJ) was announced that his execution statement was announced to Gilan court, execution department, but the source of this news is not clear.

While, still no news are published about the revision court statement and there are no information available about the objection of his lawyer to this statement and sending the case back to supreme court of country for the exportation of final vote, the sentencing of execution seems unlikely.

“Firoz Sadegh Khanjani” one of the relatives and like-minded of Nadarkhani who is not in Iran, in his recent interview with Persian language medias out of Iran , announced that he doesn’t have complete information about the details of Yousef Nadarkhani recent execution statement and it’s notification.

The Role of World’s Christians

Christian World community can play significant role in this field. World Christians beside the integrated support of Iranian Christians in campaigns which are held for the freedom of Yousef Nadarkhani in the whole world should inform people in worldwide range and make them aware about the unfair apostasy rule in Muslim countries and condemn it.

Also World’s Christians should be aware that their Christian’s brothers and sisters in Iran are demanding for Yousef Nadarkhani’s freedom with loud and integrated voice. Almost all Iranian Christians believe that having no faith on Christian’s doctrine and taught and not passing necessary courses for reaching to priest position by Nadarkhani and the dependence of his relatives to groups who are the followers of Edward Branhaym , can’t be as justified reasons for issuing the unfair statement of execution and holding him for a long time in prison because of changing religion as a crime.

Islamic Republic of Iran is an unpredictable government who violates with human rights of its citizens. The thing that judicial steps are not completed yet for Mr Nadarkhani can never be as a barrier for Islamic Republic judicial system so that they won’t do any in-human action against him. Therefore, world Christians should make more logical and reasonable pressure on their government with wisdom and reliance on reliable sources and news so that world can be the witness of Nadarkhani freedom and abolition of unfair “apostasy” law in Iran.


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