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Christians demanding freedom of religion in Tunisia

Christians demanding freedom of religion in Tunisia

The world has witnessed the change of the North African world where the voiceless have shouted as loud as they can that it changed the face of their country today. People have suffered from economic growth, jobs and life in itself. In the Arab spring that is carrying on in some parts of the Arab world it has brought a spark to not only the Arab world but also for the rest of world today, but has it brought enough freedom even to choose to what to believe?

In Tunisia its majority of people are today Muslims and small majority of them are Jews and Christians within society, tension has grown rapidly behind doors with Christians especially, as Salafism grows in Tunisia and Salafists majority of people demanding Tunisia to be a pure Islamic state where Sharia is applied in every context of life within Tunisia. I have had a chance to sit with a Tunisian pastor and to discuss with me the experience in Tunisia today.

I asked that how is Christianity and the sense of discipleship being carried out in Tunisia today through all what has happened in the Arab spring, he answered by saying: “Tunisia is changing rapidly and all people are crying out for life stability and for a society growth, where jobs are available and living wise to be stable, but even though people are looking for the material answers in life there has also been one voice that the people also want and that is for Tunisia to be a full Islamic state and that’s where the Salafists have come in to push their views on.”

The Christians in Tunisia today are struggling with their faith and the pressures that are coming their way, as Salafism is growing tension is being produced within the society of people. According to president Marzouki he said, “A prominent human rights campaigner against the old dictatorship, is declaring he is a president for all Tunisians, Muslims, Christians and Jews. read more” Those this quote goes in line in what all the Salafists in Tunisia? This cannot be true because the first fact is that Tunisia has never welcomed Christian practised in their country or even mixing all beliefs in society, so has this Tunisian government brought freedom to Tunisia to “all” people? No, freedom is the choice to believe in what you want regardless in who agrees with your opinion, but true freedom is choosing to follow in what path you decided to take.

The Tunisian pastor finished by saying that people are hungering for truth in Tunisia. Jesus said “the harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few,” this is true because in Christianity in the western world today is about who has the biggest church or even who is the best teacher but the fact is that there are people in the non-western world who hunger for someone to come to them and bring them the Good News of the Jesus Christ, this isn’t to say that to Bible bash them but to go out and be a light in a world where people do not see the an example.

Let us touch the dying, the poor, the lonely and the unwanted according to the graces we have received and let us not be ashamed or slow to do the humble work. Mother Teresa


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