Libya and the impact that Christ is making

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There is hope in Libya today for Christians who suffer

There is hope in Libya today for Christians who suffer

Libya has gone through a moment where it has changed the face of the country and people future. Speaking to this certain pastor in Libya he once told me that he met Gaddafi and when Gaddafi time was up and was about to get caught he said: “No can kill me and nothing can stop for I am the king of kings in Libya,” straight after Gaddafi is dead. Under the suffering that people have gone through, people now have a chance to vote for whom they want in power, but would freedom come to Libya after the dictatorship of Gaddafi.

Libya today after wanting the nation to be a pure Islamic country, Christianity is still operating in closed doors. I had a privilege to sit under a woman who is an American missionary who was giving us an update in what is happening in the nation today. The work she is doing today is to give education to women who do not have the chance to be educated, this is truly a work where by not only is she helping women to see the eyes of the Gospel but providing a service where women can reach their full potential in the professional world today, today women in Libya have the chance to make a different in their society.

Another story was amazing where this same missionary who was in Tunisia in her visit there, and for a strange reason she had been given details of a women who lives in Libya, the missionary made a phone call and got through to her and were talking and the Libyan woman was in shock how somebody phoned to give her the Good News of the Bible, later on the missionary travelled to Libya to give her a Bible and talk to her about it, today this woman believes in the Good News of Christ and is doing the good work in Libya today.

Libya today is struggling with the nation having extremist in charge and Christians are suffering, Christians today are being killed without anyone knowing that it happening. Freedom is a matter in what someone wants to believe as long it is moral in itself, in this world we live in a world where suffering exists but not only that but humanity destroying one another. If Libya was to bring democracy and true freedom it will have to give the freedom to all people whereby anyone has a right to think what he likes and believe in any philosophy or theology.

Jesus the Lord throughout His ministry on the earth always taught about loving one another, this mainly applied to believers who follow him but looking at it from another angle shows that anyone could follow this principle, Jesus died for the right cause to bring freedom to humanity. Today pray in your heart for the people in Libya today, Christians are always on the run in what is happening around them.

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