Algeria and the rise of Christianity

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A Church in Algeria in the Kabilye region

A Church in Algeria in the Kabilye region

Jesus said, “This voice was for your benefit, not mine. Now is the time for judgment on this world; now the prince of this world will be driven out. And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself.” (John 12:31-32)

In my recent travel to the nation of Algeria where it has a rich history of Christianity, the movement of Christianity has being moving powerfully within the nation. Algeria a predominated Islamic country, practises Islamic teaching within the society, but what has brought about the conversion into Christianity today?

As I have travelled to Algeria I was in the city of Waharan (or in the English as it is called Oran) I travelled 40km out of Waharan in a place which is called Ayada which is part of the Kabylie tribe. Visiting a church service with a congregation of 70 people who have made a choice to follow the path of Christ. In Algeria being a Christian is not only a hard to live but an Algerian has to count the cost of being persecuted for his faith and it can be through being rejected by society or family, unemployment or even being killed for your faith.

Algeria today is rapidly growing with people coming out of Islam and embracing Christ, I have had critics telling me it is because of the western world coming to North Africa and throwing money around and getting people to “accept” Christ, this is sometimes true with some missionaries that have gone into these countries and have done just that, in Algeria the church is built by Algerian people and not established by the west, seeing this marvelled me because of the power of God being made whole before people’s eyes.

Conversion mainly has happened through the media within the country where a family will watch a Christian channel in Arabic and listen to what the preacher will be talking about and make decision to follow Christ. This trip has made me learn that it is important to make leaders within the country itself because it brings more understanding to people.

Algeria in the past had an Islamists government in 1991 who were called the Islamic Salvation Front, and as this party was growing it later broke out into civil war within Algeria this is because of lack of freedom towards Algerian people, today we have the same situation in Egypt and Tunisia where the Islamist have taken over the country and wanting to make a pure Islamic state. In my opinion this will not work because freedom is when people have the right to believe in what thinks right to them. Secondly, Jesus said that those built their house on the sand will get destroyed which means that if a person builds his whole life on something that will not remain is pointless and lastly Jesus said that the kingdom of God is not by taking over the world but the kingdom of God is within people.

Today pray for the nation of Algeria and the people are coming to Christ, in the Kabilye region today there are over 60,000 believers who are growing and developing into leaders.


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