Egypt and the hope to come for Christians

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Egyptian Copts cry out for God for help

Egyptian Copts cry out for God for help

All have witnessed the event that had happen on the 24th June 2012 in Egypt where the race of president was being made, the Islamists party who have risen to take power has finally taken place where Mohammed Musri has won the election and has being made the new president of Egypt. What will now happen to the Christian who are living in Egypt today? Ahmed Shafiq said during the presidential race, that if the brotherhood comes in, Egypt will go in to a dark age. What is the future for Christians today in Egypt?

Egypt’s population today of Christians is 10% of the country and as Pope Shenounda III has passed away in Egypt, Christians have become lost in where they are going. When the Arab spring began in Egypt people were crying out for justice in the country and that freedom will come to the country from the dictatorship of Mubarak where he was stealing country money. The rise of Islam began after coming rapidly coming in, Christians in Egypt have suffered for example with the bombing outside of a church in Alexandria because of a conspiracy of a priest keeping two women in a church because they converted to Islam, and also the incident that happened in Nag Hammadai with the gun shooting outside of a church on Christmas on the 7th January 2010. As Islam is growing in Egypt and fundamentalists taken over the country Christians are dying for their faith and being wiped out.

In Egypt I have spoken with a man named Mohammed and he was a voter who chose Ahmed Shafiq to run for presidency told me that he wouldn’t want to wish for the Islamists to come into power because democracy which everyone talks about has become just a word and not a power that has been established, later he then told me that all humanity has the right to believe in what he feels is right for him as long it is moral.

Mohammed Musri has decided for Christians to either convert to Islam or leave the country, this in itself isn’t democracy to read about what Mohammed Mursi click here. Egypt has its history with Christianity where St. Mark built a church their and Egypt became of the biggest country of Christianity in history.

Egypt is going through a massive which can change of history for all people, pray for the nation of Egypt and support it today. Christians are dying where people do not know what the full story that is happening in Egypt today. A new leader will be elected as a new pope for Egypt and let him have the same boldness as pope Shenounda did when he was alive.


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