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Let the doors of the Gospel open in North Africa

Let the doors of the Gospel open in North Africa

In the Maghreb world Muslims from all sort of movement of Islam are coming to the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Today in Algeria there are over 100,000 believers of Jesus. I have had the privilege to sit with people, leaders and those who suffer for their faith and find out their opinion. North Africa as it is growing with the form of Christianity; Islam is also growing rapidly as the government are seeing the movement of believers of Jesus growing.

North Africa is going through a time where the Islamic movements are taking power in the political arena, for example looking at Morocco the government have decided to track down Moroccan Christians through Facebook and any other social network, in the midst of this dark time in North Africa there is also a light that is shining whereby house group churches are being built, I have had the honour to sit in a house hold gathering where people come and share their views on what Jesus has done for them and express why they believe in what they believe in today.

The Arab is different to the western world today, the church grows rapidly on the bases in hearing stories in what has happen to people and that can be a story in what someone has experienced, now experience is not the ultimate reality of our faith but it is also theological facts but our experience plays a big role. In the Arab world people come to the knowledge of faith through a dream, a vision or an event that happens to them while they are awake.

The reason why people in the Arab world come to faith is because Jesus is carer for all who lifts up their burden and suffering, in the Arab world people are crying out for truth and answers but the reason why some people do not hear the truth is because of the lack understanding they have in the nature of Jesus Christ for example, Jesus is not the biological son of God, the term “Son” in the bible always referred to Jesus as being the second member In trinity and showing the relationship between Him and the Father, for example like the “the Word” and the “the Mind”, it both in one essence but yet distinct (this is a long topic of the trinity, please read about if you want to understand it click here).

The reason why people don’t also come to faith is because of the lack of freedom in the education system and also political freedom. Freedom is where a human has a right to believe in what he wants and may practise any form of religious activity according it is moral to others.

God is working in North Africa today and please keep your prayers with the brothers and sisters who suffer for their faith.

Thank also Sat-7 who has been a big impact in the media in the Arab world today.

“As you done it for the least of them you have done it for me” Jesus Christ



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