Conflict around a church in Algeria

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Tensions grow in the northern Algeria

Tensions grow in the northern Algeria

The village of El Majene Freha, has often been disrupted high voltage, last Friday. And for good reason, an altercation between villagers and religious Christians erupted. Our sources add that the two antagonists have failedeven come to blows at some point.

An altercation born after the villagers have demanded the closure of the place of Christian worship, a church which belongs to a particular building. Thus, to support their request for relocation, as it were, the villagers “in many” state our sources, are presented on the site or the Christians in number just as important, did their prayer ritual. It was around 10am, when hostilities began.

Of course the religious do not comply, preferring to continue their prayers. At the insistence of the villagers, Christians have come to “respond” verbally, you can hear. The tension is escalated, reported local sources and this is precisely that feelings were running high.

The irreparable was narrowly avoided and that through the intervention of village elders as well as elements of the security services were alerted. The situation lasted about two hours. Afterwards, the monks filed a complaint at the police station Freha.

For their part, believe we know, the villagers have launched a petition to request, view, demanding the removal and closure of the said church. According to these last, the said church was not permitted and is not legal. Villagers also ask, on what basis it has been authorized to open its doors.

How well local authorities and government in general, should intervene to try to master the situation before it’s too late and the irreparable happens. However, this is not the first time this kind of conflict happens and in Tizi Ouzou in Kabylia, which is however, a region whose population is known for its meaning and nature of freedom and democracy.

In the past, several standoff have hit the headlines locally. That is why this other “case” must be linked to the cult and it quickly stifled by finding a logical and fair.


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