The purpose of Jesus in the Arab world

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Arab worshipping in Egypt as persecution continues to grow

Arab worshipping in Egypt as persecution continues to grow

In the Arab world today the majority of people come from a Muslim background which Islamic principles are implemented into the countries law. Some Arab countries will go by the Sharia law which the Quranic and Islamic rule will be placed in the law of the country, but there has been a big change within people’s lives who have encountered with Christianity, what is the truth of why people convert to Christianity in the Arab countries and what is the cost of following a faith where it will cost them their own life?

In my trip to Morocco I went to a city called Kenitra, I met with a friend at a coffee shop and speaking with him made me understand the circumstances of how it is to be a Christian in that kind of environment where people reject you because of the belief you have. There has been a lock down in Christians who involves the government arresting Christian people or other people who will come after them to kill them.

Freedom is the the chance to practise what you believe as long it is morally right. Egypt has gone through a moment of where they have voted for the Muslim Brotherhood thinking that the country will change to become a democratic nation. Egypt’s population who majority of them are Muslims are trying to stop the Christian faith being spread about in the country. The Coptic’s who live in Egypt suffer daily for their faith, but through the dark times and death of their leader Pope Shenounda III the Coptic movement is still growing strong as it has not died out in Egypt.

Jesus Christ is still the centre with the Arab Christians in the Arab world today. Jesus taught that His church will always prevail, which means that God’s children will not be fully erased from the face of planet. In the 1st century of Christianity as Jesus Christ ascended into heaven, the disciples went out to preach the good news and to live their lives of practising the teaching of the risen Christ but later in Roman empire killing and tortured on Christians were practised, even today in the in the 21st century the same act of crime is still being practised today.

Support and pray for the real human rights to be practised in this day and age.  As Egypt and other Arab Christians go through suffering take time in your life to give praise to God that God is still moving but also protection for these Christians to light their light.

“I was in the central highlands in Vietnam when someone remarked about how the Christians suffer there. One Vietnamese Christian remarked, ‘Suffering is not the worst thing that can happen to us. Disobedience to God is the worst thing.’ ” Tom White, Director of The Voice of the Martyrs, imprisoned in Cuba for 17 months for distributing Christian literature 1979-1980.


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  • Milkiyas

    Jesus is yet saving His people.He defeated all of us by dying for us while we are yet sinners! 

    • Youssef


  • John Daniels

    So many Christians and others are suffering because of Islam. Please read. ‘THE COMING: A TRUE STORY OF HORROR’ @ I fear this is our future.

  • Thomasteeo

    jesus is the centre of quran, but it was hidden from the arab world by whom?
    read these verses from quran
    sura 19:7, sura 3:42- 45,46,49, 50-51, sura 19:15, sura 19:6, sura 5:45 sura 66:12, sura 19:19, sura 4:171, sura 19:15-21, sura 19:33,34 ,sura 3:45-50, sura 5:46 , sura 2:253 , sura 16:33-34, sura 21:91, sura 2:136 sura 10:95 sura 2:253, sura9;31-37 sura 48:2, sura 41:6
    sura4;171, sura 19:19 sura21:91, 66:12 sura 3:60, sura 4;157 sura17:15, sura 3:55 sura 4:157-160 sura5:116-120

    • Youssef

      Yes Thomas you are absolute correct, the problem is the fear of people converting to christianity that is why there is no teaching of any other faith than Islam in the Arab world.


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