Religion or Freedom of speech? Algeria asks the UN to limit freedom of expression

| October 4, 2012 | Comments (71)
Mourad Medelci has asked the UN to limit freedom of expression in Algeria

Mourad Medelci has asked the UN to limit freedom of expression in Algeria

In last month there was an incident whereby a film was made to bring controversy in the Muslim world by producing an anti-Islamic movie which resulted in an up roar across the Muslim world today. Algeria has now asked in the United Nations to limit the freedom of expression, Mourad Medelci said at the United Nations:

“We should all fight against the phenomenon of Islamophobia which is based on xenophobic ideologies which erroneously assimilates Islam to terrorism. This phenomenon must be fought. The tragic events brought about by the infamous video concerning Islam and its Prophet, this film, this video, is weak, condemnable, and Algeria also condemns the acts of violence conducted against the personnel and the diplomatic installations which are places which promote relationships of friendship and cooperation among peoples.

Algeria proposes an initiative under the auspices of the United Nations to identify ways and means to prevent and to organize a response and we cannot forget that the adequate and responsible use of the freedom of expression should also give our world a more human and brotherly face.”

Algeria today is a country in which Islamic beliefs are practised by vast majority of people and making Islam not only their religion but their identity which they cling unto. Today any other religion is not allowed to be embraced in Algeria, is Mourad Medelci contradicting in what he says by limiting freedom of expression by excluding people who decide not to be in Islam?

Algeria today is rapidly growing with Christians who have left Islam and to follow the way Jesus Christ but the consequence of this is death because according to Islamic theology an apostate position will be death for leaving the faith of Islam, as oppression is grown among Christians rapid conversion are still in place and happening today and by definition people will call this a revival.

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